November 30, 2018

Food For Thought from BudaBoss

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Me Thinks: The easiest thing to become is the best amongst the rest. All you have to do is surround yourself with those weaker or lesser than you or kill your competition or get undue advantage.

Me Thinks:The hardest thing to become is the best of yourself. This means discovering your limits and breaking them, inviting worthy competitors, facing your worst fears, taking costly risks, abandoning comfort zones, embracing defeat, standing alone, enduring pain and shame, always trying out and always unsettling your little achievements.

Me Thinks: When you are fixated on becoming the best amongst the rest, you are motivated by the least or no competition. You are more fixated on what worked yesterday rather than what can work tomorrow. You make decisions based on who you are competing against. You copy more than you invent. You fight ideas that transcend the limitations of your working abilities because they expose your weaknesses.

Me Thinks: Becoming the best of yourself has a hefty price to pay because you are often judged by your last performance. We want another one just like the other one. Your life is a constant experiment constantly attracting reactions that are first and foremost negative until proven positive.

Me Thinks: best of the rest makes you selfish. Always looking for mistakes in others, never pointing out their strengths. Nothing is ever good enough except that which is of your doing. You always settle for less for as long as it’s more than the rests’.

Me Thinks: when you know you are the best you could ever become, then you become contented. At rest and at peace, you see the best in others. You find value in building up rather than tearing down. When you realize you’re better than your last, you ignite your thirst for the best. And looking back at the story of your life, you stand in awe of what God had put in you.

Me Thinks: Ironically, in the eyes of men, those who become the best of themselves are always viewed to be the best of the rest.

Which Best Are You?

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