April 7, 2018

What Makes You a Christian?

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Christianity is likened with marriage that is husband and wife and in this case Jesus Christ and church .The question is, what makes someone a wife and husband? If today you find a woman who cooks for you, does the house chores for you and in fact take cares of your kids, does that make that woman your wife? I f this is the case then all house girls should be recognized as the second wives. In the case of men who take care of a certain woman, finds himself sleeping with the woman does that automatically give you the title of wife and husband? Definitely not. What makes you husband or wife?

In any religious background or cultural background, every marriage has a public declaration by taking vows that I will take her /him as my husband or wife. Where laws apply you must sign to attest that he /she is my wife. From this, in order for you to be a Christian, there must be a public confession that you accept Jesus as your Lord and savior and you will forsake or the other things and make Him the center of your life. At that point you have made a public declaration that you will lead a Christian life. Without Christ, without salvation, without public declaration there is no commencement of Christianity. Centre focus of Christianity is to follow Christ, believe in him and to live for Him.

2nd thing in marriage is consummation, it is the rubber stamp that yes you declared, and it was signed but rubber stamp consummation, someone forming oneness. Friends, when you give your life to Christ, the other important thing as a rubber stamp is baptism. There are two forms of baptism, of water by immersion through repentance of sin and understand the symbolic reason of that act. Secondly is baptism of the Holy Spirit and a clear sign of it is speaking in tongues. After this rubber stamp there are things that shows that you are a Christian, first of all your hatred for sin, even when you fall into sin you don’t remain there is something that pushes you to God and asks for forgiveness .You cannot be comfortable in sin and you are a Christian, it does not add up.

The third thing is love for people .In this case this where God sends you to the people you use to hate before or relatives that despised you to go and preach to them, or you go and provide for them. Thirdly, the fruits of the Holy Spirit, love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, patience, goodness, kindness, gentleness faithfulness, self-control, this is the character produced in you by the Holy Spirit and so wherever you go, people can identify that you are a Christian because of how you carry yourself and attest that indeed he/she is saved because we can see the fruits of the Holy Spirit.

There is an aspect of holiness as you progress in the walk as a Christian, the icing of it comes the gift of the Holy spirit, He gives as He wishes, gift of faith, miraculous signs healing, word of knowledge, wisdom, discernment, prophecy, speaking of tongues and interpretation of tongues so that you can serve the body of Christ and humanity in general with these gifts. Friends, we must know what true Christianity is and we reach out for it and we speak about as we become what is expected of us then will have the proper influence in our lives in our families estates, societies, places of work, societies and in the world. Friend is you a Christian? If not do the needful.

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